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The objective of this course is to support each member of the group in the growth of new strengths and courage for applying core values to life choices as moral agents.

The course is a brief but intensive examination of ethical decision-making as concept and as practice. It will require of the participants careful examination of personal assumptions, beliefs, and biases. It will require, also, reading philosophical and literary works and responding to them with both written essays and verbal presentation. Furthermore, it will necessitate patient attention to the skills of listening and responding to others when there is difference of belief and opinion--in other words, the process of dialogue.

Each student will be asked to write short pieces, as well as a major paper, which will be due in final form on Tuesday, June 3. The topic of this paper will be of the student’s own choosing, dealing with a dilemma or an issue that relates to vocational and educational interests that are already emerging in the student’s experience.

The norms of Watershed School with respect to our mission statement and the essential foundational skills identified by our faculty shall be consistently referenced.